Educator and Technologist


My name is Doug Lloyd, and I'm passionate about education and technology. I am, since 2020, CS50's Head of Online Education Initiatives. In this role I coordinate all thirteen of CS50's courses on edX as well as serving as the Head Teaching Fellow for all of our courses at Harvard University's Division of Continuing Education (DCE).

From 2015–19 I served as Senior Preceptor in Computer Science at DCE. In that capacity, I primarily worked alongside Professor David J. Malan and the rest of our team on CS50, Harvard's introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. Before stepping into my role as preceptor, I had served as a teaching fellow for the course beginning in 2007. Now, many students both on-campus and off know me as the shorts guy (or the guy who wears all those polo shirts).

After graduating from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science in 2009, I arguably made a sharp pivot in my career trajectory, and enrolled at Northeastern University School of Law. I graduated in 2012 with my law degree and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar later that year. After a few years in solo practice in my hometown, I retired from the practice of law and returned to teaching, and have been thrilled to be part of a team whose charge it is to transform education in all facets: curricularly, technologically, and visually.

Besides CS50, I also taught or co-taught three courses of my own (CSCI S-33a: Introduction to Web Programming with Python and JavaScript, at Harvard Summer School in Summer 2018; CS50 for Lawyers at Harvard Law School in January 2019; and CS100: Software Engineering in the Arts and Humanities at Harvard's John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Fall 2019) and have been involved in teaching or helping to teach other courses at Harvard as well.

I am also an avid board gamer and, after participating in National Novel Writing Month in 2013, a published novelist. In 2012, I also accomplished a long-standing goal of mine by appearing on (and also winning once!) the game show Jeopardy!. In 2019, after fourteen months of training in a Piper Cherokee 140, I also earned my private pilot's license. I've been married to my husband Eric since August 2012, and since leaving Harvard we now live in the Front Range of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and we are building our own airplane, a Van's Aircraft RV-10.